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Himachal Pradesh political crisis: The government in 'Himachal' will collapse soon: Rebel MLAs claim leader

Leader Online Desk : “Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh insults Sukhu MLAs. MLAs are not doing any work. The government in the state is not of Congress but of friends of Sukhu. All is not well in Himachal Pradesh. We have conveyed our grievances repeatedly stating that we have informed the Congress party leaders about this but to no avail. We will go to court against the disqualification action taken against us. All MLAs are very angry with this government. A lot is going to happen in the near future. Rebel Congress MLA Rajinder Rana claimed that Sukhu's government in Himachal Pradesh will collapse soon while talking to the media today (March 2). ( Himachal Pradesh political crisis )

We have preserved the pride of Himachal Pradesh…

At this time, Rana said that we all demanded to field a candidate from Himachal Pradesh in the Rajya Sabha elections. Now nine MLAs have sent a person from Himachal Pradesh to the Rajya Sabha, protecting the self-respect of Himachal Pradesh. What is the state of the state for the last one and a half years? Youngsters are sitting on the streets after taking exams, their results are not announced. Guarantees given to the people of the state are not being followed. Only the friends of Chief Minister Sukhu are being worked on. Rana also claimed that MLAs are being insulted. ( Himachal Pradesh political crisis )

The most lying Chief Minister of the land of Sukhu

9 Congress MLAs in Himachal Pradesh are angry with Chief Minister Sakhu. Even earlier, we had told the Congress leaders that if Himachal Pradesh is to be saved, Sukhu will have to be removed from the post of Chief Minister. But the party leaders did not listen to us. He also alleged that the present Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh is the most lying Chief Minister of India. ( Himachal Pradesh political crisis )

The decision of the rebel MLAs is deliberate

Rebel MLAs are contacting us. Congress is claiming that they want to come back; But this claim is false. No one wants to go with Sukhu. All the MLAs have taken the decision of mutiny. The Chief Minister has called him a black snake. The People's Court will decide on this. We stand with the identity, people and interests of Himachal, he added.

A lot is going to happen in the near future

The whole country knows that Vikramaditya is the son of King Virbhadra Singh. CM Sukhu has insulted Virbhadra Singh's family and supporters. The entire state knows this. Vikramaditya met all MLAs on Saturday. All MLAs are very angry with this government. A lot is going to happen in the near future. He also claimed that the Sukhu government in Himachal Pradesh will fall soon.

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