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Bengaluru Water Crisis : Water shortage in Bengaluru; Time on citizens to use toilets in malls leader

Leaders Online Desk: The crisis of water scarcity in Bengaluru is becoming serious. As a result, citizens have to use toilets in malls, claimed a user sharing a post on the platform Reddit. The capital of Karnataka is suffering from severe water crisis. Borewells in Bangalore have run dry. As a result of this crisis, citizens are sharing their woes on social media. Bengaluru Water Crisis

Meanwhile, a Reddit post doing the rounds on social media has highlighted the water scarcity in Bengaluru. Most of the tenants have opted to leave their homes and move to other temporary accommodation. Citizens have to depend on water tankers. It often costs more. Bengaluru Water Crisis

Long queues at municipal water tanks and dependence on expensive water tankers have become routine in many parts of the city. Uncertainty of water availability has raised concerns among residents. The administration is faced with the challenge of getting enough water for the basic needs of the citizens. Meanwhile, social media platforms have been flooded with comments over water scarcity. Social media has been flooded with posts from Bengaluru residents expressing frustration, fear and concern.

Bengaluru Water Crisis: Water supply by tanker to Chief Minister's residence

Bangalore, which dominates the world as the IT city of India, has experienced a severe water shortage. Water is being supplied by tankers to Chief Minister Siddaramaiah's residence. Deputy Chief Minister D. K. The bore in Shivakumar's bungalow has also been shut off.

CNBC18 has said that water is currently being supplied by tankers in the city and tankers are also being supplied to the Chief Minister's residence. As many as 3 thousand borewells have dried up in Bangalore. So many companies, private organizations are in trouble.

Bangalore's water comes from two main sources: the Cauvery river, which supplies 1,450 million liters per day (MLD) of surface water, and borewells constructed by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), which supplies an additional 700 MLD of water. Distributed by Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB). The city was expected to get an additional 775 MLD from the Cauvery Stage Project, which will start in April. However, this calculation may have been skewed due to the severe lack of rainfall in the Cauvery basin. BWSSB reported a 50% reduction in water input to the city.

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