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Gold Silver Price Today | Gold rate reached a record high! Silver also became expensive, know today’s rates

Leaders Online: The price of gold has reached a high in the bullion market. Today on Tuesday (5th), the price of pure gold i.e. 24 carat gold increased by Rs 924 to open at Rs 64,404 per 10 grams. Yesterday, the price of pure gold closed at Rs 63,480 per 10 grams. Like gold, silver has become expensive. Silver rate has increased by Rs 1,261. Silver rate has gone up to Rs 72,038 per kg from Rs 70,777. (Gold Silver Price Today)

According to India Bullion and Jewelers Association, 24 carat gold opened at Rs 64,404 per 10 gram, 22 carat at Rs 58,994, 18 carat at Rs 48,303 and 14 carat at Rs 37,676 per 10 grams. Silver rate has gone up to Rs 72,038 per kg.

Earlier, gold had touched Rs 63,805 per 10 grams on December 4. Today, gold hit an all-time high of Rs 64,400.

What is the reason for the increase in gold prices?

The price of gold has rebounded in the international market as well. Gold prices are on a historic high, nearing an all-time high of $2,126 per ounce (28.34 grams per ounce). In December 2023, the price of gold rose to $2,149 per ounce. Despite high interest rates and strong equity markets, gold prices have remained bullish in international markets. Experts in the bullion market say that various factors including global economic uncertainty and geopolitical tensions are responsible for the rise in gold prices.

How to recognize pure gold?

24 carat gold is considered the purest gold in the bullion market. But 22 carat gold is used to make jewellery. It contains 91.66 percent gold. There are 5 hallmarks associated with hallmarks for jewelry purity. 999 on 24 carat gold, 916 if it is 22 carat gold and 750 on 18 carat gold. If the jewel is 14 carats, it will have 585 written on it.

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