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Will not tolerate interference on Kashmir issue, India reprimands Pakistan and Turkey at UN | leader

Leaders Online: India has given a befitting reply to the statements made by Turkey and Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. India has strongly reprimanded Turkey and Pakistan over the Kashmir issue at the United Nations platform. At the 55th UN Human Rights Council, India used the 'Right to Reply' to retaliate against Turkey and Pakistan for mentioning Jammu and Kashmir.

India's first secretary of the United Nations Human Rights Council, Anupama Singh, rejected Pakistan's allegations. Pakistan made serious allegations against India on the Kashmir issue and Turkey supported Pakistan's statement.

Singh issued a stern warning to Turkey, saying the Jammu and Kashmir issue was India's “internal matter” and to avoid such “unexpected comments” on the issue in future. He also strongly criticized Pakistan.

She said that a country which oppressed its own minorities. An example of this is the brutal persecution of the minority Christian community in Jaranwala, Pakistan in August 2023. 19 churches were destroyed and 89 houses of the Christian community were burnt. It is paradoxical for a country that harbors and supports terrorists to comment on India.

After Pakistan mentioned Jammu and Kashmir at the United Nations platform, India highlighted three issues. The first is that Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are “integral parts of India” and constitutional measures taken by the Government of India to ensure “socio-economic development and good governance” in the Union Territories are internal matters of India.

These are India's internal affairs and we will not tolerate anyone's interference in them, he told Turkey and Pakistan.

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