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Apple canceled the electric car project! What will happen to 2 thousand employees?

Leaders Online: Smartphone giant Apple has canceled its ambitious electric vehicle project after nearly a decade in the works. BloombergAccording to a report from , Apple has halted its “Project Titan” work on developing autonomous cars. On Tuesday, February 27, Apple announced the cancellation of the electric vehicle project in an internal meeting of 2,000 employees.

Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams and Project Head Kevin Lynch told the team during a meeting that lasted less than 15 minutes. Apple's car project was seen as a rival to Elon Musk's Tesla. Apple first started working on the “Project Titan” car project in 2014.

This decision has been taken after several months of meetings by Apple's top executives and the company's board. This is the first time Apple has canceled a high-profile project. Apple hired several key employees to work on the project, including Tesla's former Autopilot software director.

As the Apple car project is closing, what will happen to the 2000 team working on this project? This is a big question. According to media reports, hundreds of employees working on the project are facing layoffs.

A third of the employees in the Apple Car team are likely to be absorbed into other Apple divisions. According to Bloomberg, hundreds of employees working on autonomous driving hardware, car interiors and exteriors, and vehicle electronics will have to find new jobs at the company. If they are not accommodated in other departments, they will be asked to leave the job. The report further said that some employees have been informed that they will be leaving their jobs. Some employees will be moved to Apple's Generative AI (GenAI) project.

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