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Who is Sheikh Shah Jahan? Due to which the Mamata Banerjee government came on the 'backfoot'

Leader Online Desk : The 'Bahubali' leader of Trinamool Congress, Sheikh Shahjahan, who has been absconding for more than two months, was finally arrested by the West Bengal Police in the early hours of today (February 29) in the Sandeshkhali Case. BJP started agitation against the state government for his arrest. The ruling Trinamool Congress and the opposition party BJP exchanged accusations and counter-accusations. Women along with the villagers took to the streets and protested. The Kolkata High Court rebuked the West Bengal government during the hearing of the petitions filed in this case. All in all, for the past few days, all the politics in West Bengal have been stirring around the name Sheikh Shah Jahan. Sandeshkhali Case : Who is Sheikh Shahjahan?

Driver… CPI(M) Worker….Fishery

Sandeshkhali is a village in the 24 Uttar Parganas district of the state of West Bengal. Sheikh Shah Jahan, who terrorized this village through political violence, once worked as a driver and sometimes as a helper for trekkers. His entry into politics was due to his maternal uncle. His maternal uncle Muslim Shaikh was a leader of the Communist Party of India (CPI). He started fishing as a side business along with politics. Within a few days he began to control the fish farms in the area under Sandesh. In a short time, he created his own gang with the help of money. In the early days, he was in touch with the local leaders of the CPI(M). Locals say that they wanted to help him during the election. (Sandeshkhali Case : Who is Sheikh Shahjahan?) M

He became a great leader of Trinamool in a short period of time

In 2011, West Bengal lost power in the assembly elections. Mamata Banerjee captured the power of the state by defeating the leftists. Sheikh Shahjahan joined the Trinamool Congress in 2013, two years after recognizing the political winds in the state. He became known in the party as a close associate of former Minister of State and TMC leader Jyoti Priya Mallick. Jyoti Priya Mallick is currently in jail for her alleged involvement in the multi-crore ration scam. (Sandeshkhali Case : Who is Sheikh Shahjahan?) M

Annual income 19 lakhs, bank deposits of 1.90 crores

In 2023, Sheikh Shahjahan had contested the panchayat election. According to the information submitted by him this time, his annual income is Rs.19.8 lakhs. While there are more than 1.9 crore bank deposits. He owns 43 acres of land with a market value of Rs 4 crore. He owns a house worth around Rs 1.5 crore in Sarbaria.

Sandeshkhali Case: Shah Jahan supporters attack ED team

Sheikh Shah Jahan made his independent identity in the Trinamool within a short period of time. His political 'weight' was greater than MLAs and ministers in the party. On January 5, ED officials raided his house to search his house. At that time, 800 to 1000 of his sympathizers attacked the ED team. Three officers were injured in this. Since then Sheikh Shahjahan was absconding. He has been accused of carrying out the attack.

First complain to Shah Jahan; Then come to the police…

There was great fear of Shah Jahan Sheikh in the Sandeshkali area. If a villager went to the police to file a complaint against the Trinamool, the police would advise him to go to Shahjahan first. He was famous in the area as Shah Jahan 'Bhai'. He had taken precautions that there would be no complaint against him in the police. A petition was filed in Calcutta High Court against Shah Jahan Sheikh. State Advocate General Kishore Dutta informed the High Court that 43 cases were registered against him in the last four years. The police have filed chargesheets in 42 cases, while in some cases it was clarified that he is absconding.

Sandeshkhali Case: Villagers took to the streets to demand arrest

A complaint was filed against Shah Jahan Sheikh that some women were sexually assaulted in the Sandeshkali village and the land of the poor was grabbed. After this, the ruling Trinamool Congress and the opposition party, BJP, began to exchange accusations. Villagers, mostly women, took to the streets to demand Shah Jahan Sheikh's arrest. A hearing was held in the Calcutta High Court on the petitions filed in this case. At this time, the court had reprimanded the government for the delay in taking action against the accused. A complaint was filed with the state police in this case four years ago. The high court also asked how it took four years to investigate the case. Sandeshkhali Case : Who is Sheikh Shahjahan?

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