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What is hidden in this EVM? | leader

Dhananjaya Lambe

The first phase of voting in Marathwada has been completed. In which voting was held in Nanded, Parbhani and Hingoli constituencies, and on May 7 in Latur and Dharashiv. According to official figures for the first phase, voting was lower than the 2019 average. Arguments are being contested as to who bears the brunt of the reduced voter turnout. Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, Jalna and Beed are going to vote in the final phase on May 13. Discussions have started on who will emerge victorious in the eye-catching contests of Nanded, Beed and Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar.

Vasantrao Chavan of Congress has raised a challenge to the sitting MP Prataprao Chikhlikar in Nanded. Former Chief Minister Ashok Chavan left the Congress and joined the BJP. Therefore, even though Chikhlikar's victory seems heavy in view of the situation, the calculation of success in this constituency depends on how many voters and workers who are angry with Ashok Chavan succeeded in persuading the BJP. Last time, the Congress candidate Ashok Chavan had to lose due to the defeat of the Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi candidate. Congress in the form of Ashok Chavan was dominant in the district. Now that Chavan has also joined the BJP, the BJP's burden seems heavy; But the challenge of Congress is not over. Even if the leaders switch parties, the workers and people are still 'Congress minded', it has been seen in the previous elections as well.

In Parbhani Lok Sabha Constituency, there was a fight between Mahayutti's Mahadev Jankar and Shiv Sena's Ubatha faction's Sanjay Jadhav. The candidature of Panjabrao Dakh of Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi and Rajan Kshirsagar of Communist Party of India also brought color in this constituency. Rashtriya Samaj Party's Jankar, known as a confidant of senior leader Sharad Pawar, was offered a seat by the Mahayuti and became Parbhani's candidate. Mahayuti was also looking for an OBC leader in this constituency. He got it in the form of Jankar. Anti-incumbency, split in the party, new sign were the challenging issues for Sanjay Jadhav, while the outside candidate was the only obstacle before Jankar. Still, Rasp MLA Ratnakar Gutte fought his side with NETA. BJP MLA Meghna Bordikar also worked hard. Shiv Sena MLA Rahul Patil, Congress MLA Suresh Varpoodkar staked their strength for Sanjay Jadhav. Both sides are claiming victory.

Shiv Sena (Shinde) gave a chance to Baburao Kadam-Kohalikar by denying the ticket to Hemant Patil, sitting MP in Hingoli. If his supporters go and sit in Mumbai saying that Hemant Patil should be nominated, the BJP workers became active to prevent him from getting the nomination. So much so that BJP's Lok Sabha election chief Ramdas Patil along with three office bearers filled the nomination forms. Due to this, Shiv Sena had to withdraw and change its candidate. He nominated Baburao Kadam. On the other hand, the Ubatha group fielded Nagesh Patil-Ashtikar. Hence Shiv Sena vs Shiv Sena fight. Both these candidates are from Nanded district. However, the number of loyalists of both the NCP and Shiv Sena, which split at the state level, is large in Hingoli. It is predicted that the grand alliance will get the benefit of the OBC vote. Kohalikar is also expected to benefit from the fact that the torch symbol is new to Shiv Sena voters.

The supporters of the late leader Vilasrao Deshmukh had entered the field with the determination that they will not allow the BJP to succeed in this Latur constituency under any circumstances. The railway coach factory has been a bonanza in terms of employment and the incumbent MPs have not been effective on the development fronts either. Moreover, last time, the enthusiasm with which the BJP apparatus took over the campaign and sent Sudhakar Shrungare to the Lok Sabha, was not seen this time. Also, anti-BJP MLAs were elected on five out of six seats in this constituency in the previous assembly elections. Therefore, Dr. Congress. Political analysts believe that Shivajirao Kalge ​​may have benefited.

In the Dharashiv constituency, a fight was fought between the incumbent MP of the Ubatha group, Omprakash Rajenimbalkar, and Archana Ranajgajitsinh Patil, who recently entered the NCP (Ajit Pawar). In the last election, Rajenimbalkar defeated BJP's Rana Jagjitsinh by around half a lakh votes. At this time, the party split, the changed symbol (trumpet instead of bow) hits Rajenimbalkar, the influence of Rana Jagjitsinh with the support of Shiv Sena Shinde group guardian minister Tanaji Sawant and the power of four out of six MLAs in the constituency falls in the path of Archana Patil, the decision is closed in the EVM.

The fight in Beed constituency has attracted the attention of the entire state. BJP's Pankaja Munde and Nationalist Sharad Pawar's Bajrang Sonwane are the main candidates. Shiv Sangram Party leader Jyoti Mete withdrew from the fray at the right time, which has made the fight even more tense. NCP (Ajit Pawar) Minister Dhananjay Munde has also made efforts to make Pankaja Munde of the Grand Alliance the leader in this constituency, where the influence of late leader Gopinath Munde still remains. Last time Dr. Pritam Munde was defeated by Bajrang Sonwane by half a lakh votes. Five of the six assembly constituencies in this constituency are currently with the Mahayuti. This is the opposite side of Munde. In front of Bajrang Sonwane, the challenge is to bring the new symbol of Tutari to the constituency, senior leaders have planned a strategy that there should always be a fight between OBC and Maratha in this constituency. There is a history of OBC candidates winning in it.

BJP's Raosaheb Danve in Jalna Constituency and Congress's Dr. Kalyan Kale is the leading candidate. Danve has been a member of parliament since 1999, while Dr. Kale is the defeated candidate in Phulumbri assembly election. The three assembly constituencies Phulumbri, Sillod and Paithan are part of Jalna Lok Sabha constituency. Except Jalna City MLA Kailas Gorantyal, all the five MLAs belong to the Mahayuti. Therefore, the burden of Danve is heavy. The Shiv Sena Ubhata group does not seem to have come out with full strength in this election. In the district, Rajesh Tope, MLA of the Nationalist Sharad Pawar Group, represents the Ghansawangi Assembly Constituency, which is in the Parbhani Lok Sabha Constituency. The stamp of an outside candidate is also on Kale. Of course, the traditional Congress voter is with him. After losing six consecutive elections, the Congress organization is apathetic. Although the candidate belongs to the Maha Aghaad, without the support of the other two parties, Dr. This election is not easy for Kale.

In Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, Shiv Sena vs Shiv Sena vs MIM contest, as both candidates of Shiv Sena, Chandrakant Khaire and Sandipan Bhumre, have put their strength to the test, this time also repeats the previous election, and there is great curiosity across the state that Shiv Sena's Shiledar will go to the Lok Sabha. BJP State Minister Dr. Bhagwat Karad, Housing Minister Atul Save was eager to contest the elections. However, since this seat belongs to Shiv Sena, the Shinde group insisted that it should get it. Finally, this dispute was settled by giving the candidacy to Guardian Minister Sandipan Bhumre.

Chandrakant Khaire represented this constituency in the Lok Sabha for 15 years from 1999 to 2014, winning four consecutive elections. However, it was during this period that the city's water issue became critical and voters rejected Khaire in the 2019 elections. Although Bhumre's Paithan constituency is part of the Jalna Lok Sabha constituency, five of the six assembly constituencies of Sambhajinagar are currently with the Mahayuti. In the Kannada constituency where Uday Singh Rajput is the only MLA of the Shiv Sena Ubhata group, the independent candidate Dr. Jeevan Rajput has raised a challenge. Last time 'MIM' was supported by Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi. This time, however, that is not the case. Vanchit has fielded its independent candidate, Afsar Khan. In the last phase of the campaign, there has been controversy over who renamed the city Sambhajinagar and who opposed it. It is believed that the voters will also consider this issue.

In Marathwada this year, the Maratha reservation movement was well lit due to the leadership of Manoj Jarange. Its impact was felt in all the eight districts with more or less difference. Moreover, the picture that all the three parties of the Mahayuti and the Mahaaghada tried to come together to elect a candidate was seen in a constituency. Candidates who are able to bring office-bearers and workers of all the three parties together have increased their chances of victory. The murder on the polling day in Dharashiv Constituency came into discussion, also Afsar Khan, the candidate of Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi from Sambhajinagar, visited Aurangzeb's grave in Khultabad and offered blessings after filing his application, was also well discussed in Marathwada.

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