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Matches in Andhra Pradesh | leader

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Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy has to face two challenges in Andhra Pradesh this time. A third alliance led by NDA on one side and Congress on the other. Therefore, three-way matches are inevitable in all 25 constituencies. For this, voting will be held in a single phase on May 13. As all the constituencies are square, even a two to three percent vote swing can upset the victory equation of the major parties.

In Andhra Pradesh, more than ever at this time, every constituency is seeing such a square. Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy's YSR Congress has a challenge to maintain its past performance. His sister Y. S. Sharmila's direct entry into the Congress has split the Reddy family. Sharmila is currently the state president of the Congress and is all set to end the drought of success. Of course, the real fight is between YSR Congress and Telugu Desam chief Chandrababu Naidu. Although people are happy with Jaganmohan's welfare schemes, he has to face the anti-establishment caucus. Because, Telugu Desam has made a strong effort to consolidate public opinion against him. BJP and southern superstar Pawan Kalyan's party Jana Sena is also with Naidu. Pawan has a major influence in the Machalipatnam area. He has also played an important role in bringing BJP and Telugu Desam together. This time they have got two seats.

In the last election, YSR Congress got 49 percent votes, while Telugu Desam got 40 percent votes. Jana Sena got 5.87 per cent, Congress 1.3 and BJP 0.98 per cent. Telugu Desam is contesting in 17 seats, BJP in 6 seats and Jana Sena Party in 2 seats. Congress has joined hands with CPI(M) and CPI(M) to form a third alliance. State President Y. S. Sharmila is contesting from Kadapa constituency against her cousin Avinash Reddy. During the campaign, Sharmila has been raising the issue of her uncle and MP Vivekananda Reddy's murder in 2019, appealing to voters not to vote for my brother's party. eat Avinash Reddy was in the midst of controversy in the case of Reddy's murder. Interestingly, Jaganmohan has nominated him from Kadapa. Against this backdrop, the whole of Andhra Pradesh has caught the attention of the fight in Kadapa.

YSR Congress is contesting all the seats in the state on its own. In 2019, the same ruling party had won 22 out of 25 seats. Chandrababu Naidu's Telugu Desam had to settle for three seats. The slate of national parties BJP and Congress remained dry then. Both these parties are expected to open accounts at this time. BJP may hope to benefit from its alliance with Telugu Desam. This time BJP, Telugu Desam and Jana Sena are fighting together.

The mystery behind the mysterious murder remains

Jaganmohan's uncle (Babai in local parlance) and MP Vivekananda Reddy from Kadapa constituency was murdered in his house on 14 March 2019. Before the Lok Sabha elections, Jaganmohan had demanded a CBI inquiry into the matter. Since then it has become the biggest issue in Andhra Pradesh politics.

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