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We rejected the offer of state ministership: Ajit Pawar

Leader Online Desk : We were offered the post of Minister of State by BJP. But we did not accept this offer. Because Nationalist leader Praful Patel has previously been a cabinet minister in various ministries. So we are insisting for the post of cabinet minister. That is why we have not accepted the post of Minister of State, Ajit Pawar, Chairman of the Nationalist Ajit Pawar Group, clarified while talking to the media today (9th).

Our support is for BJP-led NDA

We have one Rajya Sabha seat. There is one Lok Sabha seat. Also, our two seats are increasing in the upcoming elections in the Rajya Sabha. We will have a total of four seats in the Parliament. Because of that, we were assured that we would be given the post of Minister of State with an independent ministry, but we insisted on Praful Patel as a Cabinet Minister. BJP has also said that it will consider our request. Ajit Pawar also said that our support will remain with the BJP-led NDA.

Praful Patel will be given the post of cabinet minister during cabinet expansion: Fadnavis

Praful Patel is a senior leader, having previously served as a cabinet minister. Therefore, the position of the NCP Ajit Pawar group was that they want the post of cabinet minister. Therefore, when the cabinet is expanded, Praful Patel will be given the post of cabinet minister,” informed Devendra Fadnavis. He was talking to the media in Delhi.

Everyone was curious about who will be in the new cabinet of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In particular, it was considered almost certain that senior leader Praful Patel would be nominated as a cabinet minister from the NCP Ajit Pawar faction. Such preparations were also made by his close associates. But Ajit Pawar's group won only one seat in the Lok Sabha. Therefore, if the Ajit Pawar group is given the post of cabinet minister, there is a possibility that the other component parties in the NDA will be upset. Sources said that the Shiv Sena Shinde group, which has 7 MPs in the state, will also get the post of state minister. Therefore, considering the possibility that Shiv Sena would incur the displeasure of other constituent parties including the Shinde group, the BJP took a cautious stance and offered the independent charge of the state ministership to the Ajit Pawar group. But Ajit Pawar group rejected it.

Earlier this morning, Deputy Chief Minister of the state Devendra Fadnavis himself had reached the residence of Sunil Tatkare. The meeting was held at his residence for a long time. Devendra Fadnavis along with Praful Patel, Sunil Tatkare, Chhagan Bhujbal, Dhananjay Munde, Sameer Bhujbal were present in this meeting.

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