Friday, June 14, 2024

NEET-UG exam row: 'NEET' exam controversy: Rahul Gandhi testifies to students, “I am in Parliament…”

Leader Online Desk : The results of the National Entrance Eligibility Test (NEET) conducted for admission to medical courses have been declared recently. The increase in marks in this exam has been a matter of controversy. “I will be your voice in Parliament on this issue,” Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has assured the students.

This year, the number of 'NEET' candidates who scored more marks has increased. Because of this, even those who score well may find admission in government colleges far away. Rahul Gandhi has criticized Prime Minister Modi ahead of the swearing-in ceremony to be held at 7.17 pm on Sunday.

Rahul Gandhi in his X post said, “Narendra Modi is not even sworn in yet and more than 24 lakh students and their families have been devastated by the NEET exam irregularities. 6 students from a single exam center top the exam with maximum marks, many get marks which are not technically possible, but the government is constantly denying the possibility of paper cracking.”

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