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Trailer release of 'Chandu Champion': Kartik Aryan's amazing body transformation seen, the film will be based on the life of gold medalist Murlikant Petkar.

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The trailer of Kartik Aryan's most awaited film 'Chandu Champion' has been released. The trailer launch event was held in Karthik's home town Gwalior. Karthik's look revealed in the trailer is quite shocking. 'Chandu Champion', produced together by Sajid Nadiadwala and Kabir Khan, is one of the biggest releases of this year. The film has been directed by Kabir Khan. 'Chandu Champion' is scheduled to release in theaters on June 14, 2024.

What is shown in the trailer

In this trailer you will get a glimpse of emotions, action, and the biggest war sequence till date. Karthik's hard work is clearly visible in this three minute 15 second trailer. He has transformed his body twice for this film. Talking about the trailer, it shows a glimpse of the war that took place in the year 1965. Karthik's father did not want him to go into sports. But he had great interest in sports since childhood. He started his career with wrestling. Karthik speaks a dialogue in the trailer, 'I am not Chandu, I am the champion. To go to the Olympics, Karthik Aryan first had to join the army. With this he got a chance to progress in boxing. But even here his life did not go smoothly.

Karthik looks completely fit in the role of army soldier Murali Petkar. At the beginning of the trailer, it is told that he has been in a coma for two years due to being shot nine times in the war. After this, all the previous accidents that happened in Chandu's life are shown.

Karthik Aryan spoke on playing the role of 'Murlikant Petkar'

Karthik said- The film's producer Kabir Khan had told him the story of this film. After listening to the story of the film, Karthik asked Kabir whether all this had really happened or is it fiction. Because there have been so many historical moments in the life of 'Murlikant Petkar', which is impossible to happen in the life of a common man. But Kabir sir told me that all these incidents had happened in the life of 'Murlikant Petkar'.

After this I was convinced that all this was true. Karthik told that he had said yes to the film out of love for Sajid Nadiadwala and Kabir Khan. But he was very scared in his heart. He was afraid whether he would be able to give his best in this film.

He said that I have tried my best to give my best. Regarding his body transformation, he said that he was going to the gym every day, was not eating, was not doing other films. Was doing only one picture for one and a half years. I had become a complete robot.

What will be the story of 'Chandu Champion'?

The story of this film is based on the life of Murlikant Petkar. Murlikant Petkar is a gold medalist, who brought glory to the country in the 1970 Commonwealth Games and again in the 1972 Paralympics held in Germany.

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