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Death of Raghunandan Kamat, founder of 'Naturals Ice Cream'; 400 crores empire was raised by 'Asey' from Mumbai

Leader Online Desk: Raghunandan Srinivasa Kamat, known as the 'Ice Cream Man' of India, passed away on Friday. He was 75 years old. He was the founder of Naturals Ice Cream Company, one of the leading ice cream brands in the country. He is survived by his wife and two children. Raghunandan Srinivasa Kamat was undergoing treatment at HN Reliance Foundation Hospital in Mumbai. He breathed his last on the night of May 17.

Son of a fruit seller to owner of a famous ice cream brand

Raghunandan's father was a fruit seller. He helped his father in the fruit business. So about the fruits
It helped them to get in-depth information. He came to Mumbai from his native village Mangalore at the age of 14. Here he got a job in his brother's South Indian restaurant.

Stepped into ice cream business with four employees

He ventured into the ice cream business on 14 February 1984 with a team of four employees, a few basic ingredients and the brand Natural Ice Cream was born. When the company started, it offered just 12 flavors, developed from Raghunandan's experience in the fruit business with his father. To expand his business, he sold ice cream as a side dish with pav bhaji. In the first year, his small shop in Juhu managed to earn Rs 5 lakh. After that, they never looked back. As of 2020, 'Naturals Ice Cream' has 135 outlets across the country.

Such was the journey of setting up Naturals Ice Cream Company

In the early days, his company started selling only 12 flavors of ice cream. To attract more customers, Kamat used to sell pav bhaji and also offer ice cream on sides. This turned everyone in their favor and attracted many customers. As Naturals ice cream became popular, Kamat decided to focus on the ice cream business only, after which he started making new products.

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