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Sharad Pawar vs Ajit Pawar | Shock to Ajit Pawar! The 'clock' symbol will change, Sharad Pawar's photo will also be banned in campaign posters leader

Leaders Online: On Thursday, Supreme Court Justices Suryakant and K.V. Sharad Pawar's plea challenging the Election Commission of India's decision to recognize Ajit Pawar's faction as the true Nationalist Party (NCP). The hearing was held before Viswanathan's bench. Senior advocate Abhishek Manu Singhvi appeared for Sharad Pawar. At this time, Singhvi brought some election campaign posters to the attention of the court. On which there is a photo of Sharad Pawar. Why is the court using Sharad Pawar's photo for propaganda? Ajit Pawar asked this to the group.

“Give an unconditional affidavit that you will not use his (Sharad Pawar's) name directly or indirectly,” the court directed the Ajit Pawar group to file an affidavit by Monday. Also, the Supreme Court has indicated that the Ajit Pawar group should use a symbol other than the 'clock' symbol for the elections, so that there is no confusion.

While hearing the application filed by NCP Sharad Pawar group in the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court has suggested that Ajit Pawar's party should adopt a separate symbol. He clarified that members of Ajit Pawar's group should not use Sharad Pawar's photo in this regard. It has also been asked to give an affidavit in this regard. Due to this, there is a possibility that the Ajit Pawar group will have to take a separate symbol. If any decision is taken in the middle of the election, there may be problems. Therefore, we are suggesting that Ajit Pawar group should take a separate symbol. The Supreme Court said today that you should think about this.

How can the clock and Sharad Pawar's photograph be used? This is fraud. This will be used to their advantage in rural areas, say your leaders. I have a new sign. Let them use any symbol other than the clock. Singhvi said during the arguments that the watch has an inextricable connection with Sharad Pawar's identity.

Suppose you have a symbol of your choice. They have already received the sign. You can use this symbol in any election. Justice Suryakant indicated that this would lead to a seamless, hassle-free process.

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