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PM Modi congratulates Putin on his re-election as President leader

Leader Online Desk : Prime Minister Narendra Modi has congratulated Vladimir Putin on his re-election as the President of Russia. (PM Modi congratulates Putin)

In his congratulatory message, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he looks forward to working together to further strengthen the special strategic partnership between India and Russia in the coming years. (PM Modi congratulates Putin)

Putin is the President of Russia for the fifth time

Vladimir Putin has once again won a big victory in the presidential election of Russia. Putin secured a record victory with around 88 percent of the vote, consolidating his already tight grip on power. Putin has become the President of Russia for the fifth time. In the presidential election held in 2000, Vladimir Putin became the President of Russia for the first time.

Now once again Putin has succeeded in keeping the reins of power in Russia for the next six years. Due to ill health, Boris Yeltsin handed over the power of Russia to Vladimir Putin in 1999. After this, he was able to retain power in the presidential elections held in 2004, 2012 and 2018. With today's victory, Putin gets a new 6-year term. He has surpassed Joseph Stalin for the longest tenure in power in Russia. Putin holds the record for longest serving head of state of Russia.

The three-day elections in Russia, which began on Friday, were held in a highly controlled environment. Alexei Navalny, Putin's staunch political rival, died in an Arctic prison last month. His other opponents are in jail. Three rivals ran against Putin. But all three refrained from criticizing Putin's 24-year rule or military operations against Ukraine.

More than 8 million voters voted online

According to an official of Russia's Election Commission, more than 8 million voters cast their ballots online in this presidential election. This is the first time that electronic voting has been used in Russian presidential elections. Putin told supporters in a victory speech in Moscow that he would “prefer a solution to what he calls Russia's special military operation in Ukraine.” The Russian army will strengthen. We have many tasks ahead of us. Those who try to intimidate us, suppress us, have never succeeded in history. They will never succeed in the future,” he said.

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