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Grandpa should be like this! A 'gift' of 240 crores from Narayan Murthy to his 4-month-old grandson leader

Leaders Online Desk: Co-founder of Infosys N. R. Narayan Murthy has transferred 0.04 percent of his stake in the company to his four-month-old grandson Ekgraha Rohan Murthy. The combined value of these shares in the market is 240 crores.
Narayan Murthy is 77 years old and a few days ago he transferred these shares to his grandson. (Narayana Murthy gift to grandson)

Market price of one share of Infosys 1602.30 Rs. If this is calculated, Ekgraha has already become a millionaire. Ekgraha is the son of Rohan Murthy and Aparna Krishnan, son of Narayan Murthy and Sudha Murthy. Ekgraha was born on 10 November 2023 in Bangalore. (Narayana Murthy gift to grandson)

Narayan Murthy's daughter Akshata is the wife of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Akshata holds 1.05 percent shares of Infosys. While Rohan has 1.64 percent shares. While Sudha Murthy owns 0.93 percent shares of Infosys. Infosys was founded in 1981 by Narayan Murthy and six others.

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