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Azam Khan: 'SP' leader Azam Khan jailed for seven years, fined five lakh | leader

Leaders Online Desk: Uttar Pradesh Samajwadi Party leader and former minister Azam Khan has been sentenced to jail in another case by the court. This time he has been sentenced to seven years in the Dungarpur case and fined five lakh rupees. This sentence has been awarded to him by the Rampur court. Earlier, he was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment in a fake birth case. Along with him, his wife and son were also convicted by the court, and all three were sentenced to 7 years in prison. Currently, SP leader Azam Khan is in Sitapur Jail. (Azam Khan)

Along with Azam Khan, former CO City Al Hasan Khan, former mayor Azhar Khan and Bareilly contractor Barkat Ali have also been sentenced to five years in prison. The court has imposed a fine of two lakh rupees on each of these three. (Azam Khan)

Azam Khan: Khan convicted in five cases so far

Azam Khan has been convicted by the court in five cases so far. Five months ago, he was also sentenced to seven years in jail in the fake birth certificate case of his son Abdullah Azam. He is currently serving sentence in Sitapur Jail in that case. His wife former MP Tajeen Fatma and son former MLA Abdullah Azam have already been sentenced to seven years in jail.

What is the Dungarpur case?

In 2019, 12 crimes were registered while demolishing Dungarpur Colony. One of these crimes was reported by Ehtesham, a resident of the same colony. Meanwhile, he accused Azam Khan of criminal conspiracy. Others were charged with housebreaking, assault, intimidation, robbery etc. The hearing of this case was completed on March 4 in the MP-MLA Sessions Court. On Saturday, the court convicted the four including Azam Khan.

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