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NSE : The National Stock Exchange celebrates 5 registrations on SSE for the first time leader

Leader Online Desk: National Stock Exchange's Social Stock Exchange reached another milestone with its first five listings on the Social Stock Exchange platform. Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement, Transform Grameen Bharat Mukti, Eklavya Foundation and SGBS Unnati Foundation were registered in this. The remarkable event took place at the National Stock Exchange's Bandra Kurla Complex headquarters in Mumbai. This is a significant step forward in impact-driven finance. These listings have raised funds of approximately Rs.8 crores. Which will be used for many developmental projects in the fields of education, skill development, agriculture, livelihood women empowerment etc. (NSE)

NSE MD & CEO Ashish Kumar Chauhan heartily congratulated all the first 5 NPOs on the SSE platform. On this occasion he said, “NSE-listed companies are agents of social impact through wealth creation, employment opportunities and overall economic growth through participation of the common man in the market. With the listing of SSEs, the impact is going to increase manifold. This framework offers many benefits such as transparency, trust, efficiency, cost savings, traceability, impact measurement and results based philanthropy.” He also made a special mention of SEBI, which played an important role in launching the Social Stock Exchange Framework in India. (NSE)

Mrs. G. Madhabi Puri Butch, Dr. R. Balasubramanian, Ashwini Bhatia, and A Balasubramanian, Aditya Birla and many distinguished dignitaries, officials and representatives of non-profit organizations (NPOs) and other stakeholders gathered.

Mrs. Madhabi Puri Buch, Chairperson, SEBI said, “Non-profit organizations play an important role in bringing all citizens into the mainstream of the country. To carry out this role effectively they need to reach out to donors and their contributions. SSE has an important role to play in building trust and transparency in the social sector.” Dr. R. Balasubramaniam said, “The new economic strategy for social sector development in India, the Social Stock Exchange will democratize the participation of a large number of people to make India a developed nation in the amrut era.

Shri Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs, Government of India, listed five non-profit organizations Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement, Transform Rural India, Mukti, Eklavya Foundation and SGBS Unnati Foundation listed on NSE's Social Stock Exchange (SSE) platform. Congratulations. Donors' contribution to the structured and performance-oriented mechanism of fundraising through SSE is also highly appreciated, she said.

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