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Electoral | Megha Engineering: Big works in Maharashtra for the company taking bonds of 966 crores leader

Leading Online Desk : Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Company is in a big discussion after the information of Electrol Bond (Election Bond) is released on the website of the Election Commission. This company has bought election bonds worth Rs 960 crore. The company has some important infrastructure works in the country and in Maharashtra. (Electoral Bond)

Future Gaming has come forward as the company that has bought the highest value election bonds, this company has taken bonds worth as much as 1368 crores. Megha Engineers is on the second position. (Electoral Bond)

This company has two big projects in Maharashtra NDTVsaid in the news. It includes two works namely Bandra Kurla Complex Station, Thane Borivali Tunnel for Bullet Train. Zojila tunnel connecting Srinagar and Ladakh is built by the same company. (Electoral Bond)

Megha Engineering was established in 1989. The company's specialty is infrastructure for high-speed rail, construction of all-weather tunnels. The company also has a large investment in a news channel. The market value of this company is 67,500 crores. Megha Engineering was mentioned in the Axis Bank Hurun Report as the best performing company among unlisted companies. This company is from Hyderabad.

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