Thursday, July 18, 2024

'It will be like Indira Gandhi': Khalistanis threaten to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi Threat to PM Modi leader

Leading Online Desk : Some Khalistani have threatened to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A video threatening that you will be killed like Indira Gandhi, You will become like Indira Gandhi has gone viral on WhatsApp and social media. (Threat to PM Modi)

In the video, a Khalistani youth is seen threatening to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi and shouting slogans of support for Khalistan. This is the fifth incident of Khalistanis threatening Prime Minister Narendra Modi so far The Organizer This website said. (Threat to PM Modi)

Farmers are protesting on Punjab Haryana and Haryana Delhi border. This website said that these videos have been made viral in this background.

Earlier, a youth had made a video game in which Prime Minister Modi was assassinated; It was shown that Manpreet Singh, the youth who made the video, later deleted the video game and apologized. This type of interception of Prime Minister Modi's fleet of vehicles also happened in Punjab earlier.

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