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Defeat of Babasaheb's son Yashwantrao Ambedkar leader

Leaders Online Desk: A feature of 1971 was that all the seven seats in Marathwada were won by Indira Gandhi's Congress. Opponents were eliminated. Venkatarao Tarodekar was elected from Nanded on a Congress ticket. He defeated, Dr. Bharat Ratna. Babasaheb Ambedkar's son Yashwant alias Bhaiyasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar. Tarodekar got 2 lakh 15 thousand 948 votes while Ambedkar got 85,757 votes. (Reference : Election Commission Website) Ambedkar must have stood from Ripi (Khobragade) mostly from Nanded seeing the ratio of Dalit-Muslim voters in Nanded. But the voters failed him. Jana Sangh's Laxmanrao Ganjewar, independent Ganpatrao Waghmare also got few votes. Even before that, Ambedkar also stood from Mumbai. But it could not reach the Lok Sabha. But he represented Bombay State on the Legislative Council.

Bhaiyasaheb is Dr. Ambedkar's only son from his first wife Ramabai. After Babasaheb's Mahaparinirvana, he devoted himself to Dhamma and social work. Initially, he built a cement factory. After that he started a printing press business. He used to manage the mouthpieces of Babasaheb's Janata, Prabuddha Bharat. An English book 'Thoughts on Pakistan' was printed by Bhaiyyasaheb. Babasaheb has dedicated this book to Bhaiyasaheb and Mukundarao. To keep Babasaheb's thoughts alive, he built many memorials, Chaityasmarak being the main one.

Known as Suryaputra

Bhaiyasaheb lived on the ideals set by Babasaheb. As your father is a law minister, a national leader, he did not take advantage of it. He also got this teaching from Babasaheb's strict nature. A Delhi contractor took Yashwantrao as a partner in a job, offering a 25 to 30 percent bonus. As soon as Babasaheb came to know about this, he sent Tadak Yashwantrao to Mumbai without allowing him to eat at home. This object lesson was useful for him in future life. One day he stood in a queue after leaving for court work in Mumbai. One of his acquaintances recognized him and asked him to come forward, by the time other people in the queue also realized that Babasaheb was alive. But Yashwantrao refused to leave the seat and completed his work by standing in the queue. He was called Suryaputra Bhaiyasaheb.

Of course, Bhaiyyasaheb's son Adv. Prakash Ambedkar tried to make his fortune from Nanded. Unfortunately they failed. Adv. Ambedkar became an MP from Akola, and also represented one term in the Rajya Sabha. Nandedkar made his sons Sankarrao Chavan and Ashok Chavan as MPs and MLAs. Ambedkar father and son could not get this opportunity.

Elections are the game of cricket

In this regard, Dr. The example of Babasaheb Ambedkar is telling. In the first election in 1952, U. Babasaheb stood from Mumbai. Narayanarao Kajoralkar of Congress defeated him. Babasaheb was somewhat distressed by this defeat. When Kajoralkar came to meet him, Babasaheb congratulated him and said that his doors are open for help. In a meeting, he said, elections are ultimately a cricket match. The losing team doesn't just sit back and prepare for the next game.

Unfortunately, Babasaheb lost the Bhandarya by-election. He was elected to the Rajya Sabha, but after two years in 1956, Babasaheb passed away. Babasaheb's son Yashwantrao died on September 17, 1977.

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