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Investigate election bond scam by SIT: Congress demands | leader

New Delhi; Leading News Service: After the State Bank released details on the election bonds, the main opposition Congress has demanded a transparent probe into the matter under the supervision of the Supreme Court. The Congress has also attacked that the Modi government, which did not provide legal guarantees to MSPs, gave legal status to bribery with the help of election bonds.

Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh today held a press conference at the party headquarters and criticized the ruling BJP. The State Bank had sought a deadline of June 30 from the Supreme Court to provide details of the election bonds. The Congress colleagues wrote a five-line computer program that brought out the information about which company donated to which party in 15 seconds. Jairam Ramesh also clarified that the Congress party is not against private companies. Investment is required to maintain the growth rate. But Jairam Ramesh alleged that the donation given by private companies in election bonds is not an investment but BJP has misused the companies.

Jairam Ramesh said that this whole malpractice is of four types. Donate and get business is a prepaid form of bribery. Among them, 38 corporate groups donated Rs 2004 crore to BJP through election bonds. He got 179 contracts worth Rs 3.8 lakh crore from the BJP government. Jairam Ramesh pointed out that after donating Rs 551 crore in the same category, companies got projects worth Rs 1.32 lakh crore in three months. The post-paid form of bribery to get contracts has earlier been approved by Rs 62,000 crore contracts, project centers and BJP-ruled state governments. Then a bribe of Rs 580 crore was given to BJP through election bonds. ED, CBI, Income Tax department raided 56 times on 41 companies in installment recovery type. All of them donated Rs 2592 crores to BJP. A donation of Rs 1853 crore has been given after the raids. Out of Rs 543 crore donations given by fake companies, 16 fake companies have donated Rs 419 crore to BJP. Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh demanded that an SIT should be appointed and investigated under the supervision of the Supreme Court. If India Aghadi comes to power, the election fraud scheme will be probed by SIT. Along with this, Jairam Ramesh also claimed that a joint parliamentary committee will be appointed to probe the PMCares scheme and Modi-Adani relationship.

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