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Heart Surgery: This bodybuilder returned from the door of death, now tells why not to drink cold water? | leader

Leaders Online Desk: A body builder by profession was on the verge of death after drinking cold water. He has recently undergone heart surgery. Now he is creating awareness about fitness among people. That bodybuilder's name is Franklin Urbana. He is a resident of Houston, USA. (Heart Surgery)

Heart Surgery : Bodybuilder's heart surgery

Franklin Urbana, a famous bodybuilder from Houston, Texas, USA, is creating awareness about fitness among people. While creating awareness, he is working to inform about the mistakes made while maintaining fitness based on his 15 years of experience. Franklin says that drinking cold water after a workout once saved his life. He came back from the brink of death with medical treatment. He is constantly warning people about fitness.

What exactly happened?

According to information, over the past 15 years, Franklin has had to go to the hospital repeatedly. During this time, he has been to the hospital more than 20 times. Franklin suddenly fainted when he was 18 years old. After that he understood the condition of his health. His medical examination assessed. It was then realized that he needed heart surgery. Speaking to a news channel, Franklin Eribiana said, “I felt a noticeable pounding in my chest while I was drinking cold water. I have never experienced anything like this before. After this, Franklin suddenly fainted. He was rushed to the hospital.

Why did the health deteriorate?

When Franklin drank cold water, the condition was triggered by stimulation of the vagus nerve at the back of his neck. The vagus nerve actually runs from the brain to the chest and is usually responsible for controlling the heartbeat. According to the doctors who treated Franklin, people with the condition can commonly experience fatigue, chest discomfort and difficulty breathing. Doctors say people should pay special attention to their symptoms while exercising. On the other hand, Franklin who faced this condition is also creating awareness among the people.

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