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Rahul Gandhi's revelation on 'Shakti' comment, “From PM Modi to my ..” | leader

Leader Online Desk : On Sunday, March 17, the India Alliance staged a show of strength at the Shivaji Park Maidan in Mumbai on the occasion of the conclusion of Congress' Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra. At this time, Rahul Gandhi had commented on the word 'Shakti' while criticizing the Modi government. After this today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with BJP criticized Chaufar. Now Rahul Gandhi has opened up on his Shakti comment. (Rahul Gandhi on shakti remark)

They always try to change the meaning of my words

Rahul Gandhi has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'Shakti' comment is being distorted. I know I'm telling the truth. Modiji doesn't like my words. They always try to change their meaning in some way because they know I have spoken the truth. It is the 'forces' I have referred to and against whom we are fighting. “His mask is none other than Modi,” said Rahul Gandhi in his post on X. (Rahul Gandhi on shakti remark)

Real battle between those who want to destroy 'Shakti' and those who worship 'Shakti': Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had responded to Rahul Gandhi's 'Shakti' remark at a public meeting in Jagtial, Telangana. He had said, “Can one speak of the destruction of 'Shakti'? We dedicated the success of the Chandrayaan mission by naming the spot where Chandrayaan landed as 'Shiva Shakti'. Now there is a real battle between those who want to destroy 'Shakti' and those who worship 'Shakti'. The result of this match will be announced on June 4.” (Rahul Gandhi on shakti remark)

“…This is an insult to the faith of Hindus”: BJP's attack

Responding to Rahul Gandhi's allegation, in a video shared on social media, BJP spokesperson Shehzad Poonawala said that Congress MP Rahul Gandhi's statement is an insult to the faith of Hindus. In Hinduism there is a thing called Shakti. Rahul Gandhi says we are fighting with Shakti. This is not only an insult to Hinduism but also shows the ugly mentality of Rahul Gandhi who is against woman power and its manifestation.

'There must be some limit to one person's hatred of another'

Criticizing Rahul Gandhi's “Shakti” words, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju said in a post, “There should be some limit to how much one person hates another. Rahul Gandhi's intense hatred for PM Modi and arrogant display of his family status has crossed all human limits.” .

What did Rahul Gandhi say?

Speaking at a public meeting in Mumbai, Rahul Gandhi said that. Prime Minister Narendra Modi “can't win elections without EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines). The word 'Shakti' is in Hinduism. We are fighting against a force. The question is, what is this power? Raja's soul is in 'EVM'. This is true. The king's soul is in the EVM. And every organization in the country has ED, CBI and Income Tax department. Recently, a senior leader of Maharashtra left the Congress party. Before that, the leader cried in front of my mother and said, 'Soniaji, I am ashamed that I do not have the strength to fight this power. I don't want to go to jail.' Thousands of people have been threatened in this way,” Rahul Gandhi also alleged at this time.

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