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Congress Vs BJP | 'Pakistan Zindabad' slogans for votes only; Karnataka BJP targets Congress

Leaders Online Desk: Congress leader BK Hariprasad's statement 'Pakistan is BJP's enemy but not ours..' has been strongly attacked by BJP. BJP leader Arvind Bellad targeted BK Hariprasad for this statement and said, “Congress can go to any level just for votes.” (Congress Vs BJP)

Congress Vs BJP : Just For Votes….

Speaking to the media today (29th) in the wake of BK Hariprasad's statement 'Pakistan is BJP's enemy but not ours…', Karnataka BJP leader Arvind Bellad said, “It is very sad and unfortunate that senior Congress leader BK Hariprasad said this. We all know what Pakistan did to Indians. This shows the mentality of Congress. To appease minorities and Muslims, Congress can go to any level just for votes. “

What did BK Hariprasad say?

Karnataka Congress senior leader BK Hariprasad had made a controversial statement saying 'Pakistan is BJP's enemy but not ours…'. He had said, “Pakistan can be an enemy country for BJP. But Congress sees it only as a neighboring country. According to BJP, Pakistan is an enemy country. But Pakistan is not an enemy country for us. This is our neighboring country. Recently he awarded Bharat Ratna to LK Advani. Advani had visited Jinnah's grave in Lahore and said there was no secular nation like him. Wasn't Pakistan an enemy nation then? The BJP has accused the statement of inciting anti-national sentiments.

Pakistan Zindabad slogans?

Congress candidate wins in Karnataka Rajya Sabha elections. After this, the BJP has claimed that slogans of Pakistan Zindabad were given by the Congress supporters in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly. A complaint has also been filed with the police on Wednesday (28th) in this case. Meanwhile, Congress Rajya Sabha MP Naseer Hussain has released a video explaining the matter. Meanwhile today (29th) Karnataka BJP MLAs made a declaration against the state government causing confusion in the Legislative Assembly. LOP R Ashok has demanded the arrest of the person raising slogans.

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