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Chop the groom in the wedding hall; Kissing the bride was expensive

Leaders Online Desk: A wedding ceremony is a celebration for the bride and groom as well as their families. With changing times, new trends are seen in weddings. But following one such trend turned out to cost the groom dearly. In the town of Hapur in Uttar Pradesh, a groom kissed his bride right in the wedding hall in front of everyone. Due to this, the bridegrooms got angry. From which he washed his future son-in-law.

Meanwhile, seeing their son being beaten, the people of Varakad became aggressive. He also tried to give a strong reply. But the bride's crowd beat them with sticks and sticks. Six people from Varakad were injured in this beating. It also includes the father of the bride. The injured were admitted to a private hospital for treatment. In this case, the local police have registered a case against a total of seven people from both the families due to breach of peace.

According to the police, the bride's father got both his daughters married in the same mandava. The first marriage went off without a hitch. But the second wedding ceremony was a disaster. The bride's family alleged that the groom forcibly kissed the bride on stage. While the groom said that the bride had insisted on kissing Varma after the ceremony.

Hapur senior police officer Rajkumar Aggarwal said that no written complaint has been received from any family in this matter yet. Therefore, action will be taken when the complaint is received. A case has been registered against six of them for disturbing public peace.

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