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Britannia fined Rs 60,000 for selling underweight biscuit pudding, consumer court verdict

Leading Online Days: It has come to light that the District Consumer Grievance Redressal Commission in Thrissur, Kerala has imposed a huge fine on Britannia Industries and a local bakery. The Commission has ordered both of them to pay Rs 60,000 as compensation for selling biscuit pods below the specified weight.

The complaint was filed with the Consumer Consumer Grievance Redressal Commission by a person named George Thathill. George purchased two packets of 'Britannia Nutri Choice Thin Arrow Root Biscuits' worth Rs 40 from Chukiri Royal Bakery. Which was 268 gm and 248 gm less than the prescribed weight (300 gm) respectively. The dispute reached the Commission. The matter was heard by Chairman CT Sabu and Members Srija S and Ram Mohan R.

His weight was printed as 300 grams on the wallet. However, after weighing, these packets were found to be 268 grams and 248 grams respectively. The complaint states that this weight is much less than the stated weight. After the complaint, the concerned re-checked the weight of the packets of biscuits. In which the facts were found. George then filed a complaint with the District Commission in Thrissur. In which the concerned consumer was sought compensation for physical and mental damage caused due to his financial exploitation and fraud.

What did the commission say?

Chairman of Consumer Grievance Redressal Commission C. T. The commission, headed by Sabu and members Sreeja S and Ram Mohan R, noted that there was a difference of more than 52 grams in the net weight of the packet of biscuits. The Commission expressed displeasure over this. Such a fraudulent act by the manufacturer or trader is detrimental to the reputation of the consumer. The bench explained that this act is infringing on the consumer's right to lead a life free from exploitation or fraud.

According to the report, the commission found that the Britannia company as well as the local bakery violated the consumer's right to be free from exploitative and unfair trade practices by violating the Consumer Protection Act and the Legal Metrology Act, 2009. Therefore, the district commission directed the opposing parties to pay Rs 50,000 as compensation to the complainant and Rs 10,000 as litigation expenses.

Commission orders statewide inspection

The Controller of Metrology of Kerala has been directed to conduct 'state-wise inquiries and ensure that the product/packaged goods are being sold in a proper manner following all norms.

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