Friday, May 24, 2024

Bhatji sings romantic songs instead of Manglashtaka… | leader

New Delhi: News Agency: We see that many videos have gone viral on social media about funny stories from weddings. At a wedding, Bhatji was invited for Mangalashtaka and chanting. However, this Bhatji won everyone's admiration by performing songs from Hindi films except Mangalashtaka.

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Both husband and wife were delighted with Bhatji's song. This video has gone viral and received more than four lakh likes in two days. In this video, it is clearly seen that Bhatji is singing romantic songs while sitting in front of the bride and groom in the wedding hall. The wedding party has shared comments on Bhatji's performance. Many people have also expressed their feelings on social media that they have become fans of Bhatji.

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