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Asmit Patel got beaten up in Sohail and Sikander's fight: The actor said- he got beaten up and abused while trying to stop the fight

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Actress Ameesha Patel's brother Asmit Patel is in the news these days for his statements. Sometimes the actor is giving clarification on the MMS leak incident with Riya Sen, and sometimes he is talking about the incident of strangling Mallika Sherawat. Recently, during an interview, the actor has revealed the fight between Salman Khan's brother Sohail Khan and Anupam Kher's son Sikandar Kher.

Asmit Patel said- Once in a nightclub, Sohail Khan and Sikandar Kher got into a fight over something. While trying to stop them from fighting, I had to face punches from both of them. I was trying to separate them. Sikandar pushed me and said, why are you getting in between? I was trying to save him and he abused me and raised his hand on me.

Asmit Patel said- When Sikandar raised his hand on me, I also raised my hand on him. Because of this, he is still angry with me. Whereas I was not even involved in that fight. I was trying to bring Sikandar out from there, so that the fight could be calmed down.

When an MMS of Ashmit Patel and Riya Sen got leaked, Ashmit was blamed for it. His relationship with Riya also ended. Now years later, Ashmit has given clarification on the MMS leak.

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Ashmit Patel recently made a shocking revelation about Mallika. He said that while shooting for Murder, Mallika Sherawat had falsely accused him while filming a scene. Mallika had alleged that Ashmit had deliberately tried to strangle her under the pretext of the scene.

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