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Actor Karan Kundra made a confession: In childhood, he used to insult girls unknowingly, said- 'I used to say things like black kaluti-brinjal looti, ​​but not now'

48 minutes agoAuthor: Kiran Jain

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Actor Karan Kundrra's film 'Tera Kya Hoga Lovely' has been released recently. It is shown in the film how a girl's color plays an important role in her marriage.

If Karan is to be believed, there was a time when he too used to comment on the complexion of girls. However, with time they realized how wrong they were.

During an exclusive conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Karan said, 'During schooling in my childhood, we used to ask other boys whether they were doing like girls. At the same time, when a few years ago someone asked me, 'What do girls look like,' I felt very bad. I replied to him, 'You are calling me a girl to humiliate me'. However, the truth was that I too used to do this act.

In childhood, he used to say things like Kali Kaluti-Baingan Luti which was naturally insulting. At that time we never realized how much we had done wrong. Now that I have grown up, I have realized how foolish we have been.

About the film, the actor says, 'After doing this film, I am feeling very good. I always wanted to be a part of a project in which we could present the truth of the society. Dark complexion is no less than a taboo in our country.

Well, there are many people who say that they do not care about color etc. This is where people will not upload any photo without filter on their social media. This sensitive topic has been shown through entertainment in the film.

He further said, 'Nowadays it is the era of social media. Many girls and women do very good work. I aspire to uplift them. For example, I saw a video where women were doing hair oil business with great honesty. They are struggling a lot to promote their business.

Nowadays social media influencers charge a lot of money to promote this type of business. That's why I asked my team to contact them. Those people are doing good work. I would like to support such people in future also.

During the conversation, the actor told that at one time he was quite aggressive in nature. Now his personality has changed. He said, “Between 'Roadies' to 'Temptation Island', Karan Kundrra has changed a lot. Earlier I was very aggressive but now I understand the nature of people. I am not judgmental at all.

I still get angry but now I handle the situation with love. I learned a lot by watching the journey of others' lives. I have been inspired by reading books and watching motivation videos. There is a lot of difference between Karan Kundrra before and now.

Recently the actor was also in the news about his vintage car. Karan told on social media that his car has been stolen. Regarding this, Karan says, 'My car has been found. It was my team that had committed this misdeed. He hid it on the third floor of the building. In the beginning I was feeling very angry and irritated. But then his secret was exposed.

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