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Woman stunt artist had to face problems: Stars used to touch her inappropriately; Reshma Pathan said- She could not sit up after getting injured.

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Reshma Pathan is the country's first stunt woman. She became Hema Malini's body double in the film Sholay. A film named 'The Sholay Girl' has also been made on her.

Today we will know the story of the country's first stunt woman Reshma Pathan. A film has also been made on her named The Sholay Girl. Reshma became Hema Malini's body double in the film Sholay.

In her career, Reshma has become the body double of big actresses like Hema Malini, Waheeda Rehman, Sharmila Tagore, Rekha, Moushumi Chatterjee, Neetu Kapoor, Meena Kumari and Mumtaz. During the shooting of Sholay, Hema used to make him sit next to her and feed him food. Reshma has very good relations with all these actresses. Rekha also respected Reshma a lot.

Reshma said that a very big star once tried to touch her inappropriately while doing a stunt.

Reshma started doing stunts in films in the 70s. How did stunt artists work at that time, how much money did they get? What problems did they have to face? What was the attitude of people towards female stunt artists? In the interview given to Dainik Bhaskar, Reshma Pathan has talked about all these points in detail.

Body remained injured half the time, risk factor was high.
What problems did stunt artists have to face during your time? Reshma said, 'There were a lot of injuries. The pebbles and stones lying on the ground were thrown aside. After this one had to fall on solid ground only. In the high altitude scene, some people would stand below holding the net, then the stunt artist would jump from above.

Our body was always injured. But we couldn't do anything. If we had thrown tantrums then who would have given us work? Our job was to do stunts. Injuries are inevitable.

Had to change clothes in the bushes, had to deal with insects there
Reshma said that once she got such an injury that she was not even able to freshen up properly. A man used to lift them up and down. Reshma said, 'In our times, stunt artists had to face a lot of problems.

Male stunt artists somehow managed their work, but females had to face a lot of problems. Had to go to the bushes to freshen up. At that time there was no facility of even vanity van. Clothes also had to be changed on the side of the tree. There were insects and pests living in the bushes, we had to deal with them also.

Reshma was angry at Subhash Ghai, the truck hit him
Reshma once got very angry with Subhash Ghai. Actually Subhash Ghai was shooting the film Karz. The scene of the accident was to be shown from the truck. Reshma was the body double of the film's actress.

Subhash Ghai told the driver that he would signal when the truck came near Reshma. Seeing the signal, understand that the truck has to stop. The shot started, but Subhash Ghai did not signal. The truck driver did not stop the car and hit Reshma. Reshma fell a long distance. He suffered a deep injury in his waist. He shouted at Subhash Ghai in front of everyone. Reshma had been struggling with that back injury for a long time.

Reshma has fed Abhishek, Saif and Esha Deol in her lap.
Reshma said that she has nurtured stars like Abhishek Bachchan, Shweta Bachchan, Saif Ali Khan and Esha Deol in her lap. All these people used to come to the sets in their childhood. Reshma said, 'I did not have a camera at that time, otherwise I would have shown you such photos that you would not believe. I have also worked for Mumtaz ji.

Due to lack of camera I could not take a picture with him. Abhishek Bachchan used to come on the set during the shooting of Mard. Sharmila Tagore used to bring her son Saif on the shoots of Paap Aur Punya. I used to feed all of them in my lap.

Reshma has seen affairs of many stars

Reshma said that she saw affairs of many stars nearby. If she wanted, her name could also be associated with some stars. Although he did not have to do all this. He said, 'I married the person I loved. Many people used to come to me with love proposals, but I used to refuse.

Had to shoot while fasting, Shashi Kapoor got angry
Reshma Pathan had shot the film Paap Aur Punya while fasting. Shooting was going on in the desert. Reshma was filming the sequence sitting on a camel. The heat was so much that people were drinking water every 10 minutes.

The film's lead actor Shashi Kapoor was also present there. Reshma fell down from the camel and fell straight on the sand. His face was completely burnt. Shashi Kapoor asked to drink water. Reshma refused to drink water citing Roza.

Shashi Kapoor got angry. He said that if you keep fast from tomorrow, I will force-feed you something. However, Reshma continued fasting and shot stunts in the same scorching heat throughout Ramadan.

Made a living by selling rice in black
'I was from a very good family. Compulsions had brought us here. My mother was a complete purdah (women who always remained veiled). Father had mental illness. He was also paralyzed, due to which he was not able to do anything. There was no one to earn in the house. It was in the 70s, at that time Basmati rice was available in black in Mumbai. Along with my mother, I and my younger sister used to go to the villages and buy rice at cheap prices, then sell it in black. We used to bring rice sometimes hidden in clothes and sometimes in jackets. This made our stomachs flutter.

Once the policeman had put mom in jail. I sat outside the police station for a long time. Eventually the policeman took pity on me. Only then did he leave my mother.

Reshma is 70 years old.

Reshma is 70 years old.

Loved performing stunts since childhood, luck opened up when he caught the eye of a stunt director.
Reshma Pathan said that she loved juggling since childhood. Sometimes she used to board the taxi and sometimes she used to jump down from the taxi. She would even jump from the stairs. While doing this, Reshma started showing off. This would bring in some money.

Reshma said, 'I used to jump from very high heights. There was a lot of risk involved, but I had to support my mother and siblings. One day I was performing stunts when famous stunt director Azim Shaikh passed by.

He was very happy to see my amazing feats. He understood that the girl had courage. In those days girls did not do stunts. Boys used to perform stunts wearing girls' clothes. Azim uncle thought that if this girl is working so hard on the streets, then how well she will do in the industry.

Azim uncle gave me two rupees. Two rupees were a lot in those days. I said I don't have change. He said, daughter, keep all the money, just give me your address. Azim uncle came to father the next day. He said that your daughter has a lot of talent. If she wants, she can become the body double of an actress in films.

A scene from the film The Sholay Girl based on Reshma.

A scene from the film The Sholay Girl based on Reshma.

Father refused as soon as he heard the name of the films. In those times it was said that children from decent families do not go into the film industry. While leaving, Azim uncle gave a cord. The next day, I went to my father, hiding from his eyes. There it came to light that a duplicate of Asha Parekh was being searched.

When the offer came to become Hema Malini's body double in Sholay
After becoming a member of the Stunt Association, Reshma got a line of films. He started getting body double roles in Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Gujarati and Bhojpuri films. Reshma was shooting for a Gujarati film in Vadodara. Then he got an offer to become Hema Malini's body double for the film Sholay.

He had to drive a tanga in the film. Reshma had driven a horse cart in her childhood, but she did not know how to drive a horse carriage. She had a test, in which she was successful. After this he was sent to Bengaluru for the shooting of Sholay. The scene in which Hema Malini runs away and climbs on the horse carriage was actually filmed on Reshma Pathan. For this reason Reshma is known as Sholay Girl.

Reshma does action even at the age of 70
You will be surprised to know that Reshma is 70 years old, but even at this age she does action sequences. He also had a small role in Ajay Devgan's film Golmaal Again. In one sequence of the film, villain Prakash Raj had to push Reshma.

Regarding this, Reshma said, 'Prakash Raj was hesitant seeing my age. He said, 'Mother, I will touch you gently, you just fall down.

I told Prakash Raj to push me without any worries, the scene should look original.

He pushed me and I went flying away. Prakash Raj said that I was taking you lightly, but you are very powerful even at this age. After the shot was completed, Rohit Shetty hugged me.

A film has been made on his life
The title of the film being made on Reshma's life is The Sholay Girl. Reshma also talked about her film. He said, 'At 2.30 in the night I got a call from producer Shrabani Deodhar. He called me to meet. The next day I met him.

Shrabani Deodhar said that she wants to make a film in my life. I said make the film, but I have a condition. I will be present on the set all the days the shooting takes place. I want to see whether the artiste playing my character is acting in a wrong way. In the end I also had a guest appearance in the film.

Actress Bidita Bag (left) has played the role of Reshma Pathan in the film.

Actress Bidita Bag (left) has played the role of Reshma Pathan in the film.

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