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A Hijab-wearing woman will be the Prime Minister of the country one day: Asaduddin Owaisi

Hyderabad, News Agency : A woman wearing hijab will become the Prime Minister of the country one day, says MIM President Kha. Asaduddin Owaisi did on Sunday.

He said that since 2002 Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been hating minorities. They are targeting Muslims in the Lok Sabha elections. Muslim hatred is their DNA. BJP and India Aghadi also do not give seats to Muslim candidates in Lok Sabha. He also expressed regret that the representation of Muslims in the Lok Sabha is alarming.

One day the prime minister of this country will be a woman wearing hijab. Perhaps I will not be alive to see that day, he said while replying to a question about a Muslim Prime Minister. Owaisi has now made a statement that he will make a woman wearing hijab the first Prime Minister of the country when the atmosphere of the Lok Sabha elections is heating up due to the issues of appeasement of the minority community, reservation, population etc. BJP has nominated Madhavi Lata against Owaisi. Owaisi's party has fielded 20 candidates in Uttar Pradesh, 5 in Maharashtra, 11 in Bihar and some in Jharkhand.

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