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Only Rahul Gandhi should be afraid of Pakistan's nuclear bomb: Amit Shah

Pratapgarh, news agency: Only Rahul Gandhi should be afraid of Pakistan's nuclear bomb. We will not be afraid at all. Union Home Minister Amit Shah said at a public meeting here on Sunday that the Modi government is capable of responding to them as they see fit.

Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar said Pakistan has nuclear bomb. An offensive statement was made that “honor them”. Some Congress leaders had pulled their strings. Amit Shah mentioned them in his speech. The attitude of bowing down and being afraid of Pakistan is only that of Congress. Rahul Gandhi to him
He said to be afraid.

Congress was in power at the center for so many years. But they could not build Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. The Modi government won the court battle within the first five years of coming to power and then actually built the grand Ram temple. The consecration ceremony of this grand Ram temple was completed on January 22. He criticized that despite being invited to this function, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi did not even go there. He reiterated that the BJP will once again come to power at the Center and Narendra Modi will be the Prime Minister again.

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