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You can face jail for speaking Bhidu: Jackie Shroff reached High Court seeking personality rights; Want to avoid misuse of name, voice and picture

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Jackie Shroff has demanded his personality rights from Delhi High Court. He has filed a petition in the Delhi High Court to stop the misuse of his name, photo and voice and to protect his personality rights. This case has been filed against those organizations which are using Jackie Shroff's pictures for their own benefit without permission. He has taken such a step to prevent social media handles, AI platforms and GIF/meme making platforms from using his voice or name without permission.

His lawyer also told the court that in some cases, objectionable memes have been created using his photographs and his voice has also been similarly misused.

The court was told that in some cases, obscene material was being created using Jackie Shroff's persona. The court today issued summons on Jackie Shroff's case and said that it will consider the entire matter tomorrow.

Amitabh Bachchan has taken personality rights

Celebrities have become more aware about personality rights in India than before. Last year, Delhi High Court had banned the use of Amitabh Bachchan's name, voice and photo without his permission. The court gave this interim order on one of his petitions, in which he wanted publicity and personality rights.

Actually, many small and big companies used Amitabh's photo, voice and name without permission. His face was shown in many advertisements without his permission. Amitabh's lawyer Harish Salve had filed a petition in the Delhi High Court regarding this matter. It was appealed that this should be banned in the commercial industry.

Anil Kapoor had also filed a petition

Anil Kapoor had also filed a petition in the Delhi High Court regarding his personality rights. On this, the court had also given personality rights to Anil Kapoor. Anil Kapoor was banned from using his name, his voice and his photo without his consent.

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