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World's happiest countries 2024: The 'ranking' of the world's happiest countries has been announced, where is India? Know more | leader

Leader Online Desk : It is believed that being happy is an art. That is why elders give positive thought to the youth to be content with what they have got. Tukaram Maharaj's abhanga reminiscence of 'Thevile Anante Taisechi Rahave Chitti Aso Diwa Saadhan' teaches us to be contented. This is a positive thought. But Indians are not so 'happy', according to a report published by the United Nations 'Sustainable Development Solutions Network'. ( World's happiest countries 2024 ) Let's know what are the criteria for a happy country and where India is in this….

Finland tops again, Afghanistan bottom

The ranking of the happiest countries in the world (Global Happiness Report) has been announced. The report, published under the United Nations' Sustainable Development Solutions Network, is based on global survey data from 146 countries. Again, Finland tops the list. This country has got the honor of being the happiest country in the world for the seventh time in a row. Finland scores 7.842 on the Happiness Index. Since the Taliban came back to power in 2021, the life of the citizens of Afghanistan has become more difficult, and this country is at the bottom of the list of happy countries.

World's happiest countries 2024 : What are the criteria for a happy country?

While determining the criteria for a country to be happy, the ranking of happy countries is based on personal assessment of life satisfaction, including the country's gross national income, standard of living, welfare society, citizens' trust in government institutions, level of corruption, public healthcare and education.

World's happiest countries 2024 : Top 10 happiest countries in the world

According to a report published under the 'Sustainable Development Solutions Network', Finland tops the list of happiest countries, followed by Denmark. Iceland is the third most visited country in the world. Israel is fourth and Netherlands fifth. Notably, Israel was ranked ninth last time. Sweden ranks sixth in the list of happiest countries. Norway is ranked seventh, Switzerland eighth, Luxembourg ninth and New Zealand tenth.

America out of the top 20!

The US and Germany have dropped out of the top 20 at 23 and 24 respectively. While Costa Rica and Kuwait have made it to the top 20 by securing 12th and 13th positions respectively.

The report also found that Afghanistan, Lebanon and Jordan experienced significant declines in happiness levels, while Eastern European countries such as Serbia, Bulgaria and Latvia saw significant increases in happiness. North America, Australia and New Zealand saw declines in happiness among young people. Meanwhile, in Central and Eastern Europe, happiness increased across all age groups over the same period.

How far is India?

India ranks 126th in the list of happiest countries. The report found that older age in India is associated with higher life satisfaction. Globally, women were less happy than men in every region, with the gender gap widening as they age, the report said.

According to the report, India has the second largest aging population in the world. (The largest elderly population is in China) India has 140 million citizens aged 60 and above. Also the average growth rate for Indians aged 60 and above is three times higher than the country's overall population growth rate. Aging is associated with higher life satisfaction in India. On average, older men in India are more satisfied than older women. Older women have higher life satisfaction than their male counterparts. Older adults with secondary or higher education and people from higher social castes report being happier than their peers with no formal education and from SCs and STs.

China ranked 60th and Pakistan ranked 108th

China ranks 60th, Nepal 93rd, Pakistan 10th, Myanmar 118th, Sri Lanka 128th and Bangladesh 129th in the list of happiest countries.

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