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First use of computer for election analysis leader

In today's age of technology, as soon as you turn on the TV, you can see the results and analysis of the constituencies in every corner of the country. What's more, we can see all this with a single touch on the smartphone in our pocket. However, in 1980, such an idea was a surprise. This is what made the 1980 election so special. In the era of teleprinters and hotlines, Press Trust of India and UNI were the first to use computers for election results and analysis.

For coverage of the 1980 Lok Sabha elections in the country, International Data Management Private Limited (IDM) and Press Trust of India (PTI) detailed the art of election results using computers. The entire computer system was developed in four days and on 6th January 1980 at 4 pm the network was launched and the official election results started to appear on the 'PTI' teleprinter. The news agency 'United News of India' was not behind in this. This news organization also provided an analysis of the election using computers.

This is the beginning of a new era of computer based election analysis in elections. Later, all this information was used by political parties and leaders to plan election strategies.

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