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William Anders| Astronaut Bill Andres, who photographed the 'Earth Rise' from the Moon, was killed in a plane crash

Leader Online Desk: NASA's Apollo 8 astronaut Bill Anders (William Anders) has died in an accident. He passed away at the age of 90 in a plane crash, according to his son Greg. News in this context 'BBC'is given by

A small plane carrying astronaut Bill Andres crashed into the ocean off Washington state, officials said. Anders (William Anders) son Greg confirmed that his father's body was found on Friday (June 7) afternoon. “Our family is devastated by the death of Bill Andres,” the family said in a statement. He was a great pilot. He will always be missed.”

Astronaut Bill Anders was a pilot on NASA's Apollo 8 mission. During this campaign, he took the famous photograph of Earthrise. Which is one of the most memorable and inspiring photographs of Earth taken from space.

Nasa Earth peaking out behind the Moon in iconic photoNasa Earth peaking out behind the Moon in iconic photo

NASA's Apollo 8 was the first crewed space flight from Earth to the Moon on Christmas Eve 1968. Astronaut Bill Andres took a picture of Earth rising from the Moon. The photograph appeared to show the planet above the horizon from the barren surface of the moon. William Anders' work is often described as one of the most important contributions to the space program.

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