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What do you say..! Abdomen took over New York City! Due to cruel measures, other animals are afraid leader

Leaders Online Desk: You may have heard of electricity, roads, water or traffic problems in any city, but New York, one of America's largest and most modern cities, is plagued by rats. The number of rats in the city is constantly increasing, and the measures taken to prevent it are proving insufficient. It is estimated that the number of rats in New York has exceeded 3 million. Everything from poison to rat traps and dry ice was tried to get rid of this problem; But there was no success in this. Despite all efforts, the number of rats is steadily increasing. The use of poison has also endangered the lives of other animals.

How to keep the rats in order?

New York is now planning to sterilize rats to control their population, it has been reported. According to the New York Times, an owl that escaped from a zoo was found dead last Thursday. Rat poison has been found in this owl named Flaco. After that, instead of killing rats with poison, another method is being sought. It is from this that the proposal of sterilization of rats has also come. Contraceptive drugs will be used for this. Shot Abreu, chairman of the Sanitation and Solid Waste Management Committee, said this option is much better than other methods.

Work on pilot scheme started

As part of a new proposal to get rid of the rat problem, the city's health department has started work on a pilot scheme. Under this scheme male and female mice will be sterilized. For this they are going to be fed pills. Schott Abreu said the effort will be more effective and cover at least 10 city blocks. This effort will be continued and will be successful.

Contraceptive salty-tasting fat pills

According to Fox News, a birth control pill called ContraPest will be used for birth control in rats. These contraceptives are salty-tasting fat balls that will be dropped into rodent habitats. This drug stops the formation of ovaries in female mice. Whereas in male mice, the production of sperm cells stops. Experts also believe that salty pellets are so palatable to rats that they will not go anywhere else in search of food. It has also been clarified that this medicine is not dangerous to other animals or humans.

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