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The family lived in Raj Kapoor's garage: Boney Kapoor said – Father came to Bombay after losing 10-12 jobs, we spent days like hell.

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Filmmaker Boney Kapoor has talked about the difficult times of his family. He told in an interview given to Galata Plus website that before coming to Mumbai, his father Surinder Kapoor had lost 10-12 jobs. Seeing the poor condition of his father, he and Anil Kapoor tried their best to improve the financial condition of the family.

Surinder Kapoor.

Surinder Kapoor.

The family lived in Prithviraj Kapoor's garage.

Boney Kapoor said, Prithviraj Kapoor brought my father to Bombay (now Mumbai). My grandfather had handed over my father to Prithviraj ji because my father had left 10-12 jobs. He had to lose some jobs because he fought for the rights of his fellow workers and supported them. After losing his job, Prithviraj ji brought my father to Bombay. Here our entire family lived in Raj Kapoor's garage where his servants and drivers used to live.

Boney further said, when our grandfather died, Anil and I decided that he would try his luck in acting and I would try my hand in production. Our father had a heart problem so we did not want to give him any more stress. In such a situation, both of us also tried to improve the financial condition of the house. Our father had a lot of debt and we were living a life like hell.

Surinder Kapoor with Raj Kapoor's family.

Surinder Kapoor with Raj Kapoor's family.

Boney's father was Prithviraj Kapoor's cousin.

Boney Kapoor's father Surinder Kapoor was born in Peshawar. Prithviraj Kapoor and Surinder were cousins. Prithviraj came to Mumbai from Peshawar to pursue a career, where his skills earned him a lot of fame and success.

After a few years of settling himself, Prithviraj Kapoor called Surinder to Mumbai. Here Surinder Kapoor initially worked as Geeta Bali's personal assistant. After this he entered film production. Surinder has three sons: Boney Kapoor (producer), Anil Kapoor (actor) and Sanjay Kapoor (actor). Surinder Kapoor died on September 24, 2011.

Boney Kapoor started producing films in the 80s.

Boney Kapoor started producing films in the 80s.

Boney produced many films

Boney Kapoor produced the 1980 film 'Hum Paanch', in which Mithun Chakraborty, Sanjeev Kumar, Shabana Azmi, Raj Babbar and Naseeruddin Shah were in lead roles. After this, Boney's next film 'Woh Saat Din' was very successful, with which he launched his younger brother Anil Kapoor. Padmini Kolhapuri and Naseeruddin Shah were in lead roles with him in the film.

Apart from these, Boney Kapoor produced the 1987 science fiction film 'Mr. India'. This film proved to be a blockbuster and was the second highest grossing film of that year. Mr. India was a cult classic film starring Sridevi opposite Anil Kapoor. Recently his produced film 'Maidan' has been released.

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