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Vinesh Phogat : Vinesh remains in Olympic race | leader

Patiala, News Agency : Even as star wrestlers Bajrang Punia and Ravi Dahiya pulled out of the race for the Paris Olympics on Sunday, women's Malla Vinesh qualified for the Olympic qualifiers by winning the 50 kg category. She will now compete in the Asian Olympic Qualifiers in Bishkek next month; But there was tremendous drama in the trial round before that. Vinesh did not allow the trials in the women's 50 kg and 53 kg categories to continue. Vinesh was seeking a written assurance to conduct a test before the Olympics in the 53 kg weight category. (Vinesh Phogat)

Former President of Indian Wrestling Federation Mr. Vinesh, who had leveled allegations of sexual abuse against Brijbhushan Sharan Singh, was leading a long-running agitation by wrestlers. She had come here to test in the 50 kg weight category. (Vinesh Phogat)

Vinesh was earlier playing in the 53 kg weight group. But, the final Panghal from this group has secured India Olympic quota. So Vinesh entered the competition from 50 kg weight group; But at the same time she asked for permission to play in both the 50 and 53 groups. So other wrestlers from both groups started complaining. This led to a big drama in the Test match.

Panghal, the finalist in the 53 kg category, has secured the Olympic quota. Therefore, the temporary committee has made a new rule in this regard. From this group, four senior athletes of the country will be admitted to the trial round and the winner will be wrestled with Panghal in the final and the winner will get a chance to represent India in the Olympics.

Bajrang, Vinesh, who have been protesting against the National Wrestling Association, are already being accused of wanting direct entry to the Olympics without playing a test tournament. As Bajrang has lost the test, his Olympic dream has been dashed. But Vinesh's insistence on playing in two groups led to chaos in the Test tournament. But finally she got this permission. She became the winner in the 50 kg category.

Shivani defeated Pawar in 50 kg category

In this competition, Vinesh entered the arena for testing in two weight groups namely 50 kg and 53 kg. Out of this, in the 53 kg category, she lost in the semi-finals. Anju of Railways won big 1-10. She became the winner from 50 kg category. In the final match, Vinesh won over Shivani Pawar by 11-6 points. She trailed 3-6 in the match; But later she closed the gap by earning two points. In this aggression she won the wrestling by earning 6 more points. With this win, Vinesh has now qualified for the qualifying round for the Olympics.

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