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Vijay Vikram Singh remained in depression for years: drank so much alcohol that he was on the verge of dying, life changed when he became the voice of Bigg Boss

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Actor and voice artist Vijay Vikram Singh, famous for the voice of Bigg Boss, talked with Dainik Bhaskar about his journey and rejection. Vijay told during the interview that he could not bear the first rejection in his life. Actually, Vijay wanted to join the army from the very beginning. He never thought of becoming a voice artist or actor. When he took the Army exam at the age of 21, he failed in the last phase of the exam.

Vijay Vikram Singh with his two children.

Vijay Vikram Singh with his two children.

This was his first rejection, which he could not handle. He made alcohol the companion of his sorrow. His hands started trembling after not drinking alcohol for some time. He struggled with depression for 6 years. He took the exam several times, but every time he reached the last stage and got rejected. He took this exam 8 times, after getting rejected every time, he found a cure for it – alcohol. After being rejected, he started drinking alcohol.

After getting rejected every time, he started feeling that the purpose of his life had ended. He has lost every battle including this exam. One day, after taking drugs as his support for almost 6 years, his health deteriorated drastically. The doctor had clearly said that his chances of survival were only 10%.

During all this the only good thing that happened was that he did not leave his studies. He was very good in studies right from the beginning.

Vijay Vikram Singh struggled with pancreatitis for several months

Vijay Vikram Singh had pancreatitis due to excessive drinking for many years. Vijay's chances of survival in this accident were only 10%. He says that this accident changed his life. When he returned home after recovering from the hospital, his whole life changed. He studied and passed the government examination. After this he got a job in Mumbai.

Picture from the set of 'The Family Man'.

Picture from the set of 'The Family Man'.

Vijay has also dubbed for Hollywood films

Vijay has also dubbed for many big Hollywood films. Recently he has dubbed for the famous film 'Inglourious Basterds'. Vijay has given the voice of Ashutosh Rana in the English dubbing of the OTT series 'Khaki'. He got his first break in acting by chance.

Actually, he had gone for training in the reality show India's Next Superstar. There he met famous casting director Mukesh Chhabra. Mukesh Chhabra called him for audition. Only after this, Vijay was offered the role of Ajit in 'The Family Man'. He went to shoot just 4 days after the audition. Recently he was seen in Sushmita Sen starrer series 'Tali'. Vijay gives full credit for his success to his parents and his wife.

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