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US Presidential Election 2024: Trump-Biden face-to-face for the US presidency again | leader

Leader Online Desk : Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump is once again going to be a similar match in the US presidential election. Today (March 13) morning, Trump received the nomination from the Republican Party. Whereas Biden had won the Democratic party election a day earlier (March 12). Because of this, it is now clear that these two leaders will once again face each other in the election for the post of the President, as in the previous election, CNN has reported. ( US Presidential Election 2024 )

Joe Biden is 81 years old. He is the oldest president in US history. The 77-year-old Trump is a former president. After 2012, the match will be played between Aji and ex-nations in America. Now the world will be focused on the elections to be held in November 2024. ( US Presidential Election 2024 )

Voters cast ballots in the presidential primaries in Georgia, Mississippi and Washington on Wednesday, before voting in the Democratic primaries on Tuesday. According to CNN's report, in this year's election, the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, will enter the election arena with 91 allegations. He is accused of involvement in the violence that took place in the US capital on January 6, 2021. He also paid money to a porn film star before the 2016 elections. He is also accused of hiding this matter.

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