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Explosion in China Restaurant: A terrible explosion in a restaurant in China, one person died in the accident, 22 people were injured leader

Leader Online Desk: A suspicious gas explosion occurred in a city in northern China's Hebei province. One person died in a terrible explosion in a restaurant here. Many people have been seriously injured. Many buildings and vehicles have also been damaged in this incident, according to local media. (Explosion in Chinese Restaurant)

The glass of the buildings broke due to the explosion

About 22 people have been injured in an explosion at a restaurant in a city in Hebei province, China. All of them have been admitted to the hospital for treatment. According to China Central Television, the explosion occurred at 7:55 a.m. in the restaurant on the ground floor. This restaurant was built in an old building. In a video that has gone viral on social media, vehicles are seen on fire and plumes of smoke can be seen throughout the area. People present at the scene are pleading for help. The explosion has broken the windows of the surrounding buildings. (Explosion in Chinese Restaurant)

A major fire in the building

State media reported that rescue workers had reached the scene. Meanwhile, the local Langfang fire brigade said 36 emergency vehicles and 154 personnel have been dispatched to the scene. A businesswoman working in a shop near the restaurant told a state-run news channel that she was in her shop when she heard the explosion. She ran out of her shop and saw that a building was on fire and the entire building was almost destroyed. (Explosion in Chinese Restaurant)

There have been many fire incidents in the past as well

  • At least 15 people were killed and 44 injured in a fire at a residential building in the eastern city of Nanjing last month.
  • In January, a fire at a store in the central city of Xinyue killed dozens of people. The fire comes days after a late-evening fire at a school in central Henan province killed 13 schoolchildren while they were sleeping in a dormitory.
  • In November last year, a fire at a coal company office in northern China's Shanxi province killed 26 people and sent dozens to hospital.

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