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Unmesh Patil is also out of 'Modi Ka Parivar' leader

New Delhi: Utdari News Service – Unmesh Patil has submitted his resignation to the Lok Sabha Speaker. Jalgaon Lok Sabha Constituency BJP MP Unmesh Patil has been rejected by the BJP as candidate for the upcoming Lok Sabha. Smita Wagh was nominated instead. After that there were talks that he was upset. Against this backdrop, he submitted his resignation to the Lok Sabha Speaker.

In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Unmesh Patil was elected as an MP from Jalgaon Lok Sabha. Umesh Patil won the MP election with a margin of nearly four and a half lakh votes. Despite this, he was denied candidature in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Unmesh Patil did not comment on it for a few days after the rejection of the candidature. So Unmesh Patil is not upset and he will remain in BJP, there were discussions in the political circle. However, today he sent his resignation from Lok Sabha membership to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla through e-mail. Also after resigning he joined Shiv Sena Thackeray group.

A few days ago, after the opposition criticized that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has no family, BJP senior officials to common workers wrote 'Modi Ka Parivar' after his name on social media. Unmesh Patil also wrote 'Modi Ka Parivar' before his name on his social media account X. As soon as he resigned, he removed the words 'Modi Ka Parivar' from his name.

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