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Understanding of the Supreme Court by both factions of NCP leader

New Delhi, Leading News Service: Both the Sharad Pawar group and the Ajit Pawar group had filed interim applications against each other in the Supreme Court. Yesterday, both the groups presented their views before the court. After that today, the court has given clear instructions that Ajit Pawar group should follow the instructions given by the court and Sharad Pawar group should not use clock symbol. Also, the court also recorded an oral observation that instead of fighting here, go in front of the people and stand against each other in the elections.

The Supreme Court had directed the Ajit Pawar group to release a specific text saying 'This matter is sub judice' when using the 'Clock' symbol of the Nationalist Congress Party. The Sharad Pawar group, through its lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi, filed an application in the Supreme Court, saying that the Ajit Pawar group did not follow the directive, while the lawyer on behalf of the Ajit Pawar group filed an application requesting that the Supreme Court delete the last line of the directive given to the Ajit Pawar group in the previous hearing. Filed by Mukul Rohatgi.

Today the Supreme Court has given understanding to both groups on this matter. Ajit Pawar group has to follow the directions given by the Supreme Court regarding the use of the 'Ghadyal' symbol, the court gave clear instructions that while using the 'Ghadyal' symbol, the full text that has been asked to be written as per the direction of the court must be written clearly at all places. So, the Ajit Pawar faction with a clock symbol, “This case is sub judice. And permission is granted to use the mark till the final result.” Advertisements with such text will again have to be given in Marathi Hindi English language. The Ajit Pawar group had told the court that some officials of the Sharad Pawar group are still using the name NCP and the clock as the party symbol. The Supreme Court gave an understanding to the Sharad Pawar group that the people of the Sharad Pawar group should not use the clock symbol anywhere and disposed of both these applications.

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