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..then the constitution would have been changed, claims Jitendra Awhad

New Delhi, Leading News Service: Nationalist Congress (Sharad Pawar) group leader Jitendra Awhad claimed that if the BJP had not been prevented from getting a majority in the Lok Sabha elections, the constitution would have been changed in the next one year. He appealed that Vanchit Bahujan Aghadi should consider the situation now. He came to Delhi on Thursday (6th) for the meeting of the India Alliance. On this occasion, he interacted with the media.

He said that the situation needs to be considered by the deprived Bahujan Alliance along with the Bahujans to protect the Constitution. When asked about Devendra Fadnavis's demand to be relieved of his responsibilities in the government, Awad expressed the possibility that given the current politics, two wickets can be taken in one ball.

Praful Patel may get minister post from Ajit Pawar group. He predicted that since Aditi Tatkare is a minister in the state, her father Sunil Tatkare will not get a ministerial post at the Centre. Awad explained that from the video that is going viral on social media, there is a feeling of uneasiness among the people against Narendra Modi.

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