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The wife left the house as the husband didn't give a damn…the matter went to the police

New Delhi, Leading News Service: A strange incident has come to light in Agra. In which the cause of quarrel between husband and wife is a crunch of Rs.5. A fight broke out between the husband and the wife as the husband did not give his wife Rs. After that the wife got angry and left home.

A rift in the relationship due to five rupees quarrels

  • A wife leaves her husband for not giving him the money
  • The woman lodged a complaint against her husband at the police station
  • Relatives in Counseling Center to resolve the matter

The wife left her husband due to a quarrel over non-payment. Wife likes to eat crisps. But as the husband did not feed her the crisps, the wife got angry. In anger, the wife left her husband and went to her parents' house. Not only this, the dispute between the husband and wife became so big that the dispute was reported to the police in Thane.

Case referred to Family Counseling Centre

The police registered the incident in the Family Counseling Centre. After that, both the husband and wife were counseled at the family counseling center. A counselor at a family counseling center in Agra called both husband and wife for counseling and took more information about the case from both.

Only six months of pampering provided

Counselor Dr. Satish Khirwar said that the girl's husband works in silver trading. The wife had a habit of eating delicious food even before marriage. The wife said that her husband took good care of her during the first six months of their marriage, but now he has changed. Fights over small things.

Case management in counselling

In counselling, the husband said that his wife was fond of eating crisps. He used to bring her 5 rupees worth of crisps every day on his way home from office. One day he forgot to bring the crisps, which angered his wife. After a quarrel between the two, the wife went to her parents' house. Dr. Satish Khirwar, a family counselor who counseled both the husband and wife, said, both husband and wife have been explained. The case has been given a further date and it is likely that the dispute between the two will end on the next date.

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