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The Supreme Court rejected the Dhangar reservation petition

New Delhi, Leading News Service: The Supreme Court rejected the plea that the Dhangar community should get reservation from the Scheduled Tribe. After the Dhangar reservation petition was dismissed by the High Court, this petition was challenged in the Supreme Court. This was heard in the Supreme Court on Friday (19th).

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court upheld the Bombay High Court verdict in the Dhangar reservation case and dismissed the Dhangar reservation petition. Adivasi Rights Protection Committee had challenged the petition regarding Dhangar Reservation in the High Court as well. While ruling on it, the court rejected the petition of Dhangar community saying that Dhangar and Dhangad are not the same. After this, the Dhangar community approached the Supreme Court challenging this decision of the High Court. A caveat was also filed by the Tribal Rights Protection Committee in the Supreme Court. At the hearing held today (Friday), the lawyer of this committee Ed. Ravindra Adsare was present. The Supreme Court on Friday upheld the judgment of the Bombay High Court and dismissed the Dhangar reservation petition.

In Maharashtra, the Dhangar community has been demanding reservation from the Scheduled Tribes (STs) for many years. However, the Dhangar community is currently given reservation under the nomadic (NT) category in the state. But in many states including Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh adjoining Maharashtra, Dhangad community has been given reservation from Scheduled Tribe. In this background, Dhangad and Dhangar society are one and the same. A petition was filed on behalf of the Dhangar community arguing that only there is a difference between D and R in various linguistic pronunciations.

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