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Submission of all information of Electrol Bond to the Election Commission; SBI on lock after SC seizes | leader

Leaders Online Desk: State Bank of India has submitted all the information about Electrol Bond to the Chief Election Commissioner on Tuesday (12th) evening after the Supreme Court's order. This information will be compiled and made available on the website of the Election Commission by 5 pm on Friday. But the chairman of State Bank of India has not submitted an affidavit in this regard in the court yet.

The affidavit in this regard is ready and will be submitted soon NDTVsaid in the report. The Supreme Court had earlier directed the State Bank of India to submit this information by March 6. State Bank of India submitted a petition seeking extension of this deadline, which was heard on Monday. In this hearing, Chief Justice D. Y. Chandrachud gave the State Bank a good hearing and ordered to submit this information on Tuesday itself. After that State Bank of India has promptly submitted this information to the Chief Election Commission.

We are in no mood to take action for contempt of court. But we would like to say that if there is a willful violation of the directions given in this order, we have to take such a decision, the Supreme Court had said.

]Electrol bond information is kept private, it can take time to collect, verify and maintain confidentiality, so State Bank of India had sought an extension till June 30 to submit this information. The Lok Sabha elections would have been held during the extension sought by the State Bank of India.

This Supreme Court reprimanded the State Bank of India. “You have this information available at the Mumbai branch. All you have to do is open the envelopes and provide this information. We have not said anything about the collection of this information,” the Supreme Court chided the State Bank of India. Last month, the Supreme Court declared the Electrol bond unconstitutional.

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