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No one will be deported from India, explains Home Ministry on CAA issue leader

Leaders Online Desk: The Union government has implemented the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The Center made an official announcement about this on Monday (11). Along with its implementation of this Act, the Central Government has cleared all the misconceptions regarding it and answered every question. No Indian shall be deprived of his citizenship on the ground of religion after the implementation of this Act. It has also been clarified that no one will be deported from India. Spokesperson Ministry of Home Affairs has shared a post from this account.

According to X Post, the Ministry of Home Affairs on Tuesday said, “There are many misconceptions about the CAA. It will not deprive any Indian citizen of citizenship irrespective of his religion. Eligible persons can apply for citizenship under CAA-2019.

The Union Home Ministry has debunked what it says is a misunderstanding about the CAA, the ex post added, saying, 'Indian Muslims need not worry as the CAA does not contain any provision affecting their citizenship. This law has nothing to do with the present 18 crore Indian Muslims,' it has been clarified.

After this act no Indian citizen will be asked to produce any document to prove his citizenship. Additionally, the Union Home Ministry said, 'The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) removes legal barriers to resettlement and citizenship, ensuring protection of cultural, linguistic and social identity of individuals through their citizenship rights.'

Home Minister Amit Shah also assured

Union Home Minister Amit Shah also assured minorities on Tuesday that the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) will not take away their citizenship. He alleged that Congress and some other parties are creating confusion among people for vote bank politics. He was addressing the BJP polling station president in Telangana. He clarified that CAA is a citizenship law, not a citizenship law.

Shah said, 'I want to tell the minority brothers and mothers of this country that no citizen will lose their citizenship due to CAA. CAA is an act to grant citizenship. No one shall be deprived of citizenship by this act. Owaisi, Kharge and Rahul Gandhi are saying that minorities will lose their citizenship because of this, it is completely false. All these churches are misleading people and telling lies. I assure you that under CAA there is no provision to take away citizenship of anyone, but there is provision to grant citizenship to refugees in the country.'

Amit Shah, who earlier addressed a gathering of BJP's social media warriors, said that the Modi government had implemented the CAA promise yesterday. He said, 'The makers of our constitution promised that citizenship would be given to refugees from Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan who suffered persecution. However, Congress opposed it due to appeasement and vote bank politics. Narendra Modiji has honored them by giving citizenship to Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs and others.'

Clarification on CAA…

CAA was passed by both Houses of Parliament on 11 December 2019. A day later the President approved it. The Act will apply to those who came to India before December 31, 2014. Minorities from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh will be given Indian citizenship through this act. In such cases the applicant has to prove how long he has been residing in India.

Refugees from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh will get relief due to CAA Act. The central government will try to give citizenship to Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis, Christians, Sikhs.

It will give a life of dignity to the refugees who have been suffering for decades

Citizenship rights will protect their cultural, linguistic and social identity

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