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Stray dog ​​menace | 'Human life is more important than stray dogs'! High Court said – Give licenses to animal lovers

Leaders Online: The Kerala High Court has recently observed that human life should be given priority over stray dogs. Neighbors say that a man is keeping stray dogs without the required license. While hearing the petitions filed against the person in this case, the High Court has expressed concern about the nuisance of stray dogs and the death of children due to it. (Stray dog ​​menace)

Animals should be protected. But “why not man.” The court has also said.

A one-member bench headed by Justice PV Kunhikrishnan also said that dog lovers should come forward for the protection of animals with the help of local bodies rather than just writing or speaking on the issue in the media.

Two petitions were filed against Rajiv Krishnan, a resident of Kannur. The area around their house has become extremely unsanitary and unsafe. Because the number of stray dogs they keep has increased, say their neighbors.

If anyone speaks against brutal attacks…

Justice PV Kunhikrishnan has commented on the increase in stray dog ​​attacks on children and the elderly. “Anyone who speaks against these incidents of brutal attacks by stray dogs is considered inhumane to animals,” he said. They said that animals should be protected, but human life has no value?.”

The judge added, “I am of the view that the safety of human beings should be given more priority than stray dogs. Of course, incidents of brutal attacks by humans on stray dogs should not be ignored.”

When such incidents occur, the authorities should issue necessary licenses as per the provisions of the Animal Birth Control (ABC) Rules to the dog lovers who come forward to rescue the stray animals, he added.

'Come forward to protect dogs'

Dog lovers don't need to write and talk about dogs in print and visual media. But if there is any truth in their talk with the local bodies, I think they should come forward to protect these dogs,” said Justice PV Kunhikrishnan.

He added that stray dogs are a growing nuisance and incidents of dog attacks are on the rise in the country. Hundreds of such incidents have killed children, mostly from poor and rural families.

Animal lovers should come forward to protect stray dogs so that people can be assured that they will not be attacked, said Justice Kunhikrishnan.

The High Court has ruled that Rajiv Krishnan can apply for the license within one month after receiving this order. The municipality will then issue appropriate orders imposing strict conditions as per Animal Birth Control Rules 2023 and Act 1994 after granting license as per law. (Stray dog ​​menace)

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